Kidney donation through community care and awareness

Kidneys in Common is a nonprofit foundation with just one goal: To assist all prospective kidney donors throughout the process of donation. We are assist donors in every possible aspect including financial support to eliminate any cost for donors during evaluation, donation, and after donation by providing an access to the donor protection program.

Living Donation

Improved Quality of Life for Kidney Patients

More awareness. More donors. More lives saved.

Only Kidneys in Common puts the donor at the center of the kidney donation process, offering inventive solutions that address the conventional barriers of kidney donation, with a hyper-focus on strengthening communities while protecting donors and their families emotionally, medically, and financially.

Become a Vital part of your community.

Kidneys in Common was founded on the principle that communities inherently take care of each other. From the beginning, we have deeply believed that if we can tap into the compassion of communities, we can radically improve the living kidney donation statistics in the U.S. By donating to your fellow community you can save life of one of your fellow community member, while by joining kidney exchange you multiply this goodness to other communities.

Let our Expertise Guide You through the Process.

The kidney donation process is layered and complicated. Navigating it as a donor or recipient is confusing and filled with obstacles. But this is where Kidneys in Common shines. Our experience and expertise in this area is truly unparalleled. In fact, it is this deep knowledge and understanding of the landscape that allowed us to usher “community-directed” donation into existence.